Gambling addiction


If you have read any of my articles, you may already know that I spent a lot fo my life with a Gambling Addiction.

Getting free of it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

Being your typical male, I thought I had it under control

I can stop whenever I want to.

Me many years ago

I would say. My Fiancee knew better.

It took her sitting me down and essentially giving me the choice, her or gambling but you know what, it did the trick.

During my time gambling, I had never even realized how much it affected her and I think I will be forever trying to make up for that.


Here I am. As clear as I will ever be.

All the debts are paid off and we are finally moving forward with our lives.

I hope that the articles below can help if you find yourself in the same situation.

Also, if you are a friend or family member of someone with an addiction, they may just give you a slight insight into what’s going on in their head.

I’m no expert, I have to say that. But I’ve lived it, beaten it and now if I can help 1 person do the same then I’m happy.

I hope you enjoy the articles.

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