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Top 5 Gambling Blocking software applications – Stop Gambling

If you have a problem with online gambling, as I did, then you may have heard of blocking software.

It can be a really hard thing to try and stop gambling.

Many people just wouldn’t understand, the draw of it and how easy it can be to justify to yourself.

Have you ever uttered these words to yourself? I know I have.

I can control it

Just a small bet

It will be different this time

If you are or have been a suffering Gambling addict, then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I spent many years full-on addicted to online casinos.

If you have read my previous articles My Story and Gambling Addiction and Debt, then you will know how bad it was.

What is Blocking Software?

Quite simply, blocking software does what it says on the tin.

Installing blocking software onto your PC, Laptop or even mobile device will prevent you from being able to access gambling websites.

One of the keys with this is that you will need help from someone, anyone.

I say this because, with most blocking software, you have to select what types of sites you want to block.

In itself that’s fine, but these options will take an admin password and if you set it yourself, it is way too easy to turn it back off.

Get a loved one, a friend or just someone you trust to set up the software and create a password so that you cannot change it yourself.

Commitment and determination are all well and good but, speaking from personal experience, we all have little hiccups, don’t let one of them ruin your track record.

Stop gambling with blocking software
PIN IT!!!!!!

Top 5 blocking applications

There are many different versions of blocking software out there but these are 5 of the best-regarded applications available today.

Some of which I have experience with, some of which I don’t so if you have used any of these and have anything to add, please leave a comment below.


Blocking software

The first piece of blocking software we are looking at is Gamban.

Gamban anti-gambling software is tested to block thousands of different gambling sites along with gambling-related material on social media platforms such as facebook.

Although a paid program, Gamban offer a 14 day free trial of their software to new, individual users.

No matter which tier you choose, they are all available cross-platform, meaning you can protect yourself on all of your devices.

A great feature in itself as I know when I was struggling, I would always find a way around it.

Protect all of your devices and ensure that no matter how strong the urge, you cannot act upon it.


Anti gambling software

Gamblock is again, paid gambling blocking software.

One of the largest benefits of using Gamblock is that it also blocks all of the proxies.

I’ve mentioned before, I always found a way around it, however, with Gamblock you cannot.

It automatically detects and blocks all NEW gambling sites along with all of their proxies.

Pricing plans vary depending on how many devices you need to add and for what period you choose.

Take a look at their pricing calculator for more details.

With a wealth of features, if you are struggling and looking for ways to help stop gambling, you need to consider Gamblock.


self exclusion

Gamstop is not blocking software as such, it is an exclusion scheme for those in the UK.

With Gamstop, you can register to be effectively banned from the online gambling establishments that you are struggling with.

At this time, Online gambling establishments are NOT required to offer the scheme, however, in time, all online gambling sites will be required to register by the Gambling Commission.

Although not all sites are part of the scheme as yet, it is worth registering and at least preventing issues with the larger sites, all of which are listed on Gamstops site.


Blocking software

BetBlocker is a free tool that can be used as either gambling blocking software or parental controls to protect your little ones.

Although in it’s Beta stage, BetBlocker blocks over 6000 gambling sites and CANNOT be removed until your desired restriction period has expired.

One bonus of BetBlocker is that it is free software and getting bigger by the day.

Like many of the other options, it is available across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and Andriod.


anti gambling blocking software

Our last offering BetFilter is another paid offering but, to be frank, if you are trying to stop gambling then the costs are likely to be less than you would lose in a single visit to the casino.

Betfilter offers much the same as some of our other offerings, however, is 100% discreet and will ONLY block gambling sites.

Some software packages target keywords, therefore you can find that a lot of sites which are not gambling-related also get blocked.

Not an issue with Betfilter.

With a simple installation process and controlled access for uninstallation, Betfilter makes the process simple.

With an added package to block gambling-related ads, it’s a great option and one you should look at.


Be under no illusion, stopping gambling is a really tough thing to do.

Getting some help, by way of blocking software, is a great place to start.

As I said at the start, make sure you have someone who can help you set it up.

It’s not always the case with these programs, but you do not want the option to uninstall it, that just makes things too easy.

Take the hit, make the commitment, and direct your energy towards something else.

When you have a wobble, and you will, be safe in the knowledge that you cannot sabotage yourself.

I thought I could control it but until I installed Gambling blocking software, I still cracked every now and again.

Look at this as one of your first steps forwards, it really will help.

Best of luck in your journey. Just know you can get there, hey, if I managed it then so can you.