Why I blog

Why I blog about the subjects that I do

Recently, I have had a few people ask me why I blog about the subjects that I do.

In this post I am going to try and address this question.

I will try to add a little more meat to the bone.

Personal Finance and Debt make sense.

They are subjects that go hand in hand and I don’t think anyone has any issues with them.

The questions I have been recieving have mainly been aimed at my posts about Gambling Addiction.

I understand why some might have a hard time undertsanding why I blog about this subject. 

To me, all of the subjects that I blog about are quite personal and I have a lot of experience with.

Below, I will take you through my thought process and, hopefully, it will answer some of the questions.

Gambling Addiction

So the first category I want to try and explain is Gambling Addiction.

Now many of you will be saying “It’s your blog, you can talk about what ever you want”, and I agree.

However, I do want my blog to make sense and I want all of you, the readers, to understand why I blog about these subjects.

Why i blog

I have previously written about my Gambling addiction and how it affected both my fiancee and I.

If you havent read those articles yet then I recommend you do, it will give you an insight into my story.

My story. Debt, Gambling and moving forward
Gambling addiction and Debt

So now you’re all caught up. 

For now we are going to concentrate on the Gambling Addiction side of life.

It was a tough and a long journey as you can see.

As such, I like to blog about it whenever I can.

This, in itself is fine, but I have had people suggest that it should be a completely seperate blog.

I understand the thinking behind this, however, the reason why I blog about my history of Gambling as part of this blog is that it was a large part of my life.

My Gambling Addiction is a large part of “Why” I ended up in debt.

To me, it is a logical place to start.

Not only to tell you my story and hopefully help someone along the way, but it serves as part of a whole.

Ultimately, I like to include this with the hope that I can help someone else who is either in, or knows someone in a similar position as I was.

One of the hardest things to do when suffering from a Gambling Addiction is to admit it.

If reading my blog helps one person seek out the help that they need, then I will be happy.


As I mentioned at the start of this post, I haven’t had any queries as to why I blog about debt.

I think as a subject, it’s quite obvious and indeed a popular subject to blog about.

In my posts about Debt, you will notice that I concentrate on debt consolidation and ways to get out of it.

Stands to reason I would say, I’ve been there, I’ve lived the journey through debt and have come out the other end.

So far, we have looked at:

Your options
Debt management Plans
Individual Voluntary Arrangements
Debt Relief Orders

Debt and Debt management are two massive subjects and so will be getting updated regularly.


debt management

This follows on nicely and logically from my posts about Gambling Addiction.

In my life, as you will already know if you have read the previous posts, I lived through a large amount of debt.

The issue I had, especially with Gambling is that I would make some great strides when it came to paying off my debt.

My problem was that I was concentrating so much on paying off my debt that I would commit such a large portion of my earnings to reducing it.

Not a bad thing, many would say and if maintainable, I would agree.

My issue was that I was leaving myself with such a small amount of money every month, that Gambling became a way for me to “earn”.

I won’t get in to it here, but obviously this didn’t work out.

I would pay large chunks of my debt off, gamble, and build it all back up again.

A vicious circle you might say, and I was my own worst enemy.

So, after finally getting free from gambling and getting my debts paid, I wanted to include this as almost “Step 2” in my life.

Managing, and getting free of debt has been one of the best things I have done in my life.

It has enabled me to start living the life I want and provide for my fiancee the way I should/want to.


Personal Finance

Step 3 in my life, and my next category is Personal Finance.

Again, no issues here.

In my mind, Personal Finance is the next logical step.

Manage your debts, pay them off and move into savings and investments.

You could argue that Personal Finance and Debt could be combined into one category, and although I can see that, I wanted to keep them seperate.

Again, it’s the progression of my life.

I had a Gambling Addiction, This caused a lot of debt. 

Paid it all off, then moved forward into improving my Credit Score and concentrating on my personal finances.

As part of this, I have posted about: 

Ways to save money
Options and techniques to improve your Credit Score
Reviews (Including Financial products and books)

I hope you are starting to see where I am going with this.

It makes sense, to me at least.

Essentially I am formulating my blog, and writing about the four main aspects of my life up to this point.

The last section, and the one I am currently living, is trying to create extra income.

Earning Extra income

The final aspect of my blog looks at creating extra income.

Maybe it’s due to the years I spent in debt, I don’t know to be honest, but what I do know is what I want for me and my family.

I have a dream, not in the famous speech kind of way, but I can see how I would love our future to play out.

We don’t have an indulgent lifestyle and frankly, neither of us are bothered about it.

What I do want though, is to be able to afford a nice house with a little land one day.

You see, my fiancee is an avid horse fan and loves riding, grooming and doing whatever it is these horsey people do.

Personally, I just want a new motorbike but hey, we all like different things.

That is why I blog about creating extra income, especially online.

I firmly believe that online business is just going to grow and grow.

It is such a massive resource with opportunities in almost anything you can think of that I think it’s naive to ignore it.




lightbulg moment

It took me a long time, but I had the “aha” moment maybe 2 years ago.

Rather than just working my day job, I started actively trying to create additional income sources.

My blog highlights this and I will keep you all updated on what I am doing, what works, what doesn’t, and how to get started where applicable.

You may have already seen that I have started writing a series of posts about “How to start a blog“.

Obviously, this is something I am living right now.

The reason I wanted to start this series is that, although only a couple of months old, I have already started to see an income from Earngrowrepeat.

Frankly, if I can start a blog and get readers, then so can you.

I am not a natural writer and it is something that I do struggle with at times, I hope things are getting better but you are all in a better position to judge than I.

Final thoughts

I hope that all made sense.

I really just wanted to get across why I blog about the subjects that I do and why I thought it relevant to include Gambling and Addiction within my blog.

Hopefully, you can see that for me it has been a progression.

Through gambling and debt to now looking at my personal finances and ways to create extra income.

In my head, this works and is quite logical. 

Hopefully, it will help others that find themselves somewhere down this journey.

If you are at the start of your journey and have found yourself in debt, either with or without an addiction, then it is going to be a long road.

I hope, if nothing else, my blog shows you that it can be done.

I’ve done it, so can you, and I mean that.

There is nothing insurmountable in this world, although sometimes it can feel like it.

Put your mind to it, plan it and achieve it.

lastly, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, the readers. Without all of you this blog would not exist.

As always, here’s looking forward to a better financial future, for all.