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How to start a Blog – Post #7 – Write your first blog post on WordPress

We’re there, finally, you might say, time to write your first blog post.

It’s taken some time to get here and you may think that all of the steps leading up to this have been a little long-winded.

I get it, all I wanted to do when I started was to write, however, getting the framework right first is an important step.

Going through your niche, domain name, Web Hosting, Plugins, Theme, and pages has set you up nicely to succeed.

So let’s get to your first article.

What should you write about?

Introduce yourself

In your first blog post, you want to let the readers know who you are.

The first post acts as an extension of your About me page, so use it.

Tell the readers who you are.

Give them a back story, what brought you to this point?

Why are you blogging and what experience do you have in your chosen area.

Your first blog post should be a personal one.

If you are setting up a business site, tell the readers about the business.

How did it come about, what does it provide?

Use your first post as a way of selling yourself.

Not in a seedy way but with a blog especially, people relate to the person as much as, if not more than the material.



So we have already touched on this, but your first blog post should give the readers a reason to come back.

Are you an expert in the field you are blogging about?

Sell yourself.

Take note and list down all of the relevant experience you have in your chosen subject.

Try and write it as a bit of a story, a “this is who I am and why you should listen to me” post if you will.

You don’t want it to come across like a job application, although that is pretty much what it is.

Just ensure that you get your point across.

Good or bad experience in your chosen area, is experience, let them know about it and tell them why they should continue to read your material.

By the end of this section just make sure the readers know that you are passionate about your subject.

Your Blog

So now the readers know who you are and why you are blogging, tell them in a little more detail “What” you are going to write about.

If you are running a personal blog covering your life experiences, tell them if there are any trips/changes on the horizon.

Give the readers something to look forward to.

If it is a business blog, do you have any exciting announcements coming up?

In this part of your first blog post, the world is your oyster.

The Future

So you’ve told the readers who you are and why you are blogging about your chosen subject.

Now concentrate on the future.

If you already have posts in mind, list them, let them know what they can expect from your blog.

If you don’t know exactly what you are going to write about yet then what about categories?

Anything you can give so that the reader knows what they can expect will stand you in good stead here.

As an added bonus, if you write a good introductory article, you can see subscribers joining your mailing list from day one.

I wouldn’t suggest that you push this too much right now, just make sure your subscription form is up and running.


Your first blog post should be a good introduction for the readers to either you or your business.

Make it as personal as you are happy doing so that the readers can connect with you.

If you can start building an email list from day 1, then you’re on to a winner already.

Finally, enjoy it.

It has been a lot of work to get to this point so have fun.

Let your sense of humor come across, if it’s suitable, and connect with the readers on a personal level.

Best of luck with your first article, I hope it’s the start of something good for you.

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