My review of starling bank

Starling bank – Mobile-only bank review.

At this time, Starling Bank accounts are only available to those in the UK.

Today we are taking a look at Starling mobile-only Bank.

In this review, we look at what they provide and how they are beating brick and mortar banks.

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Who is Starling Bank?

Starling Bank is one of the first Mobile-only challenger banks, giving the well-established brick and mortar banks a run for their money.

Since it’s initial founding in 2014, Starling Bank has gone from strength to strength and now offers a wide variety of services.

From arguably one of the best mobile banking apps available, to personal/business banking, Starling has made sure that they can provide everything that anyone requires for online banking.

In addition, Starling Bank also allows you to apply for Overdrafts and Loans via the App, making it a one-stop shop for on the go banking.

Make no mistake, Starling Bank is a real competitor and after winning the accolade of Best British Bank and Best Current account at the British Bank Awards, they have shown that they are in it for the long haul.

2019 best british bank award

Best British Bank and Best Current account 2019

Starling Bank is also fully regulated by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), so your money is always protected (up to £85,000).

What do they provide?

Being a mobile-only bank. Starling gives you access to a wide variety of benefits not available form your traditional brick and mortar bank.

One of their key selling points is that you can use the account, make payments and transfer money, either at home or abroad, for free.

With no charges for cash withdrawals abroad, this is a nice saving which the majority of “ordinary” banks do not provide.

Being mobile only also reduces Starlings overheads. As such, they offer more competitive savings rates of:

  • 0.5% AER on balances up to £2000
  • 0.25% on balances up to £85000

Overdrafts are also free. You can apply directly through the app and if approved, you will only pay if you use it.

With the basic overdraft charge at just 15% AER (if you use it), you can see that being competitive is one of Starling Banks goals.

The Mobile App.

Your one port of call for all things Starling.

So how does it measure up and what can you do? let’s take a look.

Starling bank Clean front screen

Along with being able to view your balance, pay a bill, add money to your account and check your transactions, Starlings mobile banking app allows you to receive immediate notifications whenever a payment is either made or received.

This additional level of security is great for putting your mind at ease, knowing that you can always track transactions, immediately.

With a crisp and clean home screen, Starling Bank clearly displays:

  • Your current balance.
  • Your Overdraft.
  • How much you have spent that day.
  • Where your transactions took place.
Starling Bank app notifcations

Enhanced card controls available in-app also allow you to block certain transaction types.

In addition, you can lock/unlock your physical card immediately if lost/stolen. These features are all designed to put you in control, always.

split the bill with friends with ease

Out on a night out with friends and want to split the bill?

Starling Bank has thought of it and has made it as easy as a tap on your phone.

Be it splitting the bill, sending an IOU or transferring money, if your friend is also a Starling Bank user, it can all be done with a couple of clicks.


Ever had trouble keeping track of them?

Starling Bank makes it easy for you with GOALS.

Set these up, upload your own image to remind and motivate you and you’re off.

Simply transfer money from your main account into your savings pots and watch them grow.

Savings via spaces

How do you pay money into your account?

Sounds like a reasonable question, if they are a mobile-only bank then where and how can you pay money in.


Starling Bank has made it possible for you to deposit your money at ANY post office in the UK.

Just to put that into perspective. There are approximately 7500 regular bank branches in the UK compared to 11500 post offices.

Makes it easier to find one that’s open that’s for sure.

If you live out in the sticks and don’t want to drive all the way to the post office then do not fret, you can simply send Starling checks and they will take care of it all for you.

No need for stamps, it’s Freepost.

Using your account overseas.

One of the best things about the Starling Bank account as far as I’m concerned is their attitude towards banking overseas.

For too long, too many banks have charged you an absolute fortune for using your card abroad.

Be it withdrawing cash from an ATM or simply using your card to pay, a large number of banks will charge you a percentage and a minimum fee, for every transaction.

We have all been abroad, got carried away and not really worried about it.

You soon realize how much you’ve been charged when you got home and check your statement though.

Starling bank is different.

With Starling Bank, you can withdraw cash and make card payments until your blue in the face, no charge.

You don’t even need to let them know you’re going. Your card will work, worldwide.

Starling Bank has also teamed up with Mastercard so when you do use your card, you receive Mastercards globally accepted exchange rate, no charge, again.

Starling Bank Partners.

Along with providing you with one of, if not the most competitive personal bank account available today, Starling Bank has a number of partners.

These partnerships ensure that you have maximum support and maximum functionality with third-party apps.

At the time of writing, there are currently 11 third party apps that are supported by Starling Bank, They are listed below.

  • Onedox
  • CreditLadder
  • Anorak
  • Churchill
  • So-sure
  • Flux
  • Tail
  • Habito
  • PensionBee
  • Wealthify
  • Weathsimple

I’m not going to go into each of them now, this article would be huge.

If you would like me to do an article on any of these, please leave it in the comments below.

Last few small details.

Along with all the great stuff that Starling Bank provide, they also do a lot of the normal, boring banking, and they do it well.

Although they are a mobile-only bank, Starling Bank has 24/7 support for UK customers.

This comes in the form of UK call centers so you’ll always get someone local who can help.

They cover switching aswell. With a nice easy process which can all be done form your phone, Starling Bank takes care of it all for you.

Just tell them your current details and when you want to switch and that’s it, job done.

Final thoughts.

To sum up, Starling Bank is one of the best banks for personal accounting in my opinion.

Yes I might be a little biased, I am personally a Starling customer but this post is NOT sponsored.

There are NO affiliate links and I am NOT earning anything for this post, I just believe they are providing an excellent product that people should know about.

Think about it, just the saving from not being charged to use your account overseas, that can be a substantial amount, depending on how much you travel.

I also LOVE the goals. Being able to put a picture with it so you can visualize what you’re saving for really helps with the motivation.


The marketplace.

With Starling partnering with various Third-Party providers now, I really can see this going from strength to strength and providing you, the customer, with more and more functionality via third-party apps.

Starling, just please stick to your values and don’t partner with apps just because they pay you well, keep up the quality.

So that’s it for me, I love Starling bank. I think it’s a great account even if you use it purely for savings/traveling.

At £0 cost, why not get one and see why I’m raving so much about it.

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